About us

From our modest starting providing just a small bunch of neighborhood dough punchers, thirty years on we are the pioneer of thailand’s pastry kitchen apparatus providing cutting edge pastry kitchen gear to everybody from worldwide organizations to streetside bread shop shops.

We are the solitary pastry shop arrangement supplier in the Kingdom. We set out to furnish our clients with the best hardware arrangements.

Our product offerings range from completely mechanized creation line, for example, [insert] to little pastry shop machines, for example, the renowned KitchenAid blender.

As a bread shop arrangement supplier, we mean to furnish our clients not with the top tier apparatus or gear with the most reasonable and proper hardware for their requirements.

Our center way of thinking is to develop connected at the hip with our clients and we have been doing precisely that for as long as 30 years!.

Regardless of whether you are searching for hardware to update or extend your creation lines or whether you are searching for little machines to launch your fantasy bread kitchen shops, our accomplished deals collaborator would be prepared to help!